Ramen Night - September 15th, 2018


Ramen Night - September 15th, 2018


Ramen Night Menu
An Entirely Meat & Dairy Free Menu
Appetizer | Vegan Dumplings Steamed and Pan Fried with a Selection of Dipping Sauces

Choose from 3 Different Bowls,

Shoyu Ramen | Traditional light vegetable broth salty from soy sauce with mirin, porcini mushroom, and fresh ginger.

Miso Ramen | Dark broth flavored with miso, nori, fresh vegetables and aged tofu, and bean paste.

Tsukemen | A rich thick broth flavored with butternut squash and white truffle oil, along with very thick noodles, egg, and other vegetables, traditionally served with noodles on the side for dipping.

Served With Green Tea and Coconut Cream for dessert.

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