Martha Rohl - New York Unfiltered

New York Unfiltered, Photographs by Martha Rohl. The show opened Friday May 4th with a festive reception by friends and family. Tom Stock reviews the show,

Martha Rohl’s photography proves that she lets her images do the talking, unfiltered. Besides the obvious explanation,meaning there is nothing between her lens and the subject, there is another aspect. Her photos have no titles, no labels what so ever. These items are left out leaving only the photographs There are no landscapes. Her subjects are people she meets on the streets of the Big Apple. There are no close-ups. All of the images are aware of being photographed and are not posed. She asks permission of her subjects in order to form trust. Most of the images are candid shots. This attests to Rohl’s ability to find a subject and photograph it right away. She is patient too, waiting for the exact right moment.

A bikini-clad woman on the Coney Island Boardwalk has sun block on her nose and a middle aged figure. This a straight-on image. Rohl takes advantage of available light. No flash is used. The blacks are black, grays gray, and whites white.

One creative image is of a couple looking at an overexposed whiteout any form in a museum. This one of the few images that falls into the conceptual category. Intense light blotted out the art. In addition, a sitting woman sits against blank white. This image as well as all the others are not “pretty pictures” Rohl takes  straight forward, no nonsense images.